Warm Up Your Winter in the Crib of the Caribbean

Warm Up Your Winter in the Crib of the Caribbean

If the doom and gloom of winter have taken the summery sparkle out of you, the jewels of the Caribbean might just save your spirits. Take a look at the amazing ways this beautiful region of the world can emancipate you from the cold months.


Eat Like a Tropical King

The names of national dishes of the Caribbean such as sancocho and pepperpot are as hot as they sound. Vibrant pops of color are endemic to Caribbean culture and the food is no different. Stew salt fish with dumplings give way to spicy plaintains and breadfruit. The outdoors ambience only enhances the flavors of this sweet proposition. From street markets to resort lounges, savor the diversity of setting and cuisine in the most desirable climate in the world.


Swim Deep into Crystalline Waters

A postcard from Barbados, Puerto Rico and Jamaica has one thing in common: the endless ocean lagoons that give the term “winter blues” a whole new meaning. Silky turquoise waves roll out from the underwater kingdoms of marine wonder around thousands of kilometers of Caribbean coastline. Discover coral reefs, tropical fish and the magical properties of the Caribbean Sea for swimmers and scuba divers. Thawing the mid-winter frost is easy when the azure natural pool can be experienced at 80°F in January.


Relax in Paradise

Winters are full of work – the Caribbean is where you can inject some play into your busy calendar. Move from drooling over this archipelago on your desktop to the sensation of walking on diamond dust with just a plane ride over to our side of the Equator. Experience our four-season summer shaded by palm trees, aquamarine horizons and glorious sunshine.


Restore Your Harmony

Leave your winter woes behind with some holistic therapy in the Caribbean Isles. The equilibrium centered on mind, body and soul finds its home in our tropical environment. Sample some local concoctions and stones designed to pamper the senses and get the treatment of a lifetime in the gentle dance of the Caribbean breeze.


Reconnect with Nature

Downtime gets a 3D makeover all year round in the Caribbean. Your indoors crib will burst open into the great outdoors, revealing a wealth of wildlife worlds apart from your own. Go flamingo-spotting, admire the giant leatherback turtle or delight in the friendliness of bottlenose dolphins. The flora and fauna of the Caribbean strip are fodder for human wellbeing and imagination – so don’t forget your camera.

… Starting Now!

This program is your action plan for helping yourself to a cheeky piece of summer bliss in the heart of wintertime. With 6 different destinations and one common pulse, the Caribbean is always the place to be.