Top Caribbean Festivals

Top Caribbean Festivals

Every year, the Caribbean plays host to a slew of sun-soaked festivals in celebration of the region’s unique culture. From carnivals to street parties, the islands come alive with an explosion of music, dance, costume and food. For an epic adventure, plan your next Caribbean vacation in conjunction with a festival and get involved with the native culture. With the festival scene rapidly expanding, we’ve chosen our top 4 for you to look out for!



Port of Spain – February 27 to 28, 2017

Vibrant, flamboyant and completely mesmerizing, the Trinidad Carnival is the largest celebration in the Caribbean and held two days before Ash Wednesday. During the early hours of Monday morning, the rhythms of soca music erupt as revelers take to the streets – dressed in colorful costumes and dancing to calypso music. Tuesday is the day of the famous parade, with each band and float symbolizing a historical, mythological or tropical concept. Festivities are on-going with huge fetes, community gatherings, calypso tents and steel bands. Dance the day away under the incredible street decorations, enjoy native music performances or savor the signature cuisine of the Caribbean.

Trinidad Carnival


Nassau – throughout July, December 26, 2016 & January 1, 2017

This soul-stirring festival is all about passion, music and color. Traditionally, the Junkanoo festival occurs every Boxing Day and New Year’s Day but, since growing in popularity, the festival is now an on-going event throughout July. The festival celebrates all aspects of Bahamian culture and heritage in sensational style. The extravagant festivities showcase art, culture and music in the form of street parades, imaginative costumes and vivacious dance routines. Get involved in the non-stop entertainment and enjoy native music from goatskin drums and cowbells, or dress up in your own costume – the brighter, the better!

Carnival dancers


Barbados – July 1 to August 6, 2016/2017

A month-long party, Barbados' biggest festival is Crop Over – a celebration of the sugarcane harvest. It kicks off with the delivery of the season’s final cane crop and the crowning of a ‘Queen and King of the Crop’. What follows is a full-on five-week festival with calypso bands, street fairs, parades and exuberant markets. Music is a highlight, with soca and steel drums taking center stage. The climax of the festival is the Grand Kadooment parade where islanders and visitors alike, adorned with feathered headdresses and costumes, take to the streets for live music, fireworks and an all-out party.

Carnival dancers


The Cayman Islands – November 10th to 20th, 2016

A family-orientated festival, Pirate’s Week is a celebration of pirate legends and the cultural heritage of the Cayman Islands. Children and adults alike will revel in the spectacles and pageantry of the festival with parades, treasure hunts, food markets, music, costume competitions and more. The last Saturday features a “trial” of the pirates, a street dance competition and a cardboard boat race – it really is the best festival for good, clean family fun.

Caribbean food

Don’t miss out on these spectacular festivals – whether you’re staying in The Bahamas, Trinidad or Barbados, we have the perfect hotel for you. Start planning your extraordinary Caribbean experience today.