Scuba in the Caribbean

Scuba in the Caribbean

We all know the Caribbean is renowned for its scuba diving culture, with hundreds of awe-inspiring sites, rare marine life and underwater landscapes. But what you probably don’t know is that anyone can do it! Whether you’re a young adventurer, a complete beginner or just curious about the water sport, it’s time to dive right in! Grab your gear, follow our top tips and get ready for the best scuba experience of your life!

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Top Tips for a Great First Dive!

Each dive should be a S-A-F-E D-I-V-E:

Self-reliance: You’re responsible for your dive experience - if you don’t feel comfortable going that extra mile then don’t! Push yourself but know your limits.

Attitude: De-stress and leave your anxieties behind. Prepare yourself mentally for this awesome experience and have fun!

Fitness: You can take it as light and easy as you want; just remember, don’t overexert yourself. Some light cardio exercise before your dive is a great way to loosen your joints and oxygenate your muscles.

Experience: Even if your friend is an absolute pro, don’t worry - your instructor will guide you based on your experience level and you’ll be made to feel at ease the entire time. Newbies are always welcome!

Diving skills: Practice makes perfect so don’t worry if you’re a little rusty to begin with. Take a few moments at the end of your dive to refine and master your skills, ready for the next one!

Involvement: The best scuba experience is a shared one; the friendship and camaraderie between a group of divers is one of the many reasons why people keep diving! So get involved and make some friends!

Variety: The spice of life, and diving, is witnessing the variety of underwater life from shipwrecks to coral reefs and more.

Equipment: Your instructor will provide you with everything you need for your dive, just remember to take your own camera!

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Debunking the Myths

Scuba diving can be a scary concept to some people and it’s completely normal to have a few concerns. Your instructor will ensure you feel comfortable and safe before your dive. In the meantime, we'll put your mind at ease with these debunked myths:

Ear pain: The main fear of beginners but also the simplest to avoid. The feeling of discomfort is caused by the pressure inside your ear as you descend – all you have to do is pinch your nose and blow slightly through it to equalize the pressure.

Sharks: We’ve all seen the film Jaws and therefore assume a shark attack is inevitable. But, in actual fact, shark-related occurrences are extremely rare. Check out the facts, not the films, and you’ll see you have nothing to worry about - we’re more interested in them than they are in us!

Running out of air: Every experienced diver will tell you that running out of air is not an option - your oxygen level is constantly monitored and as long as your dive is properly planned, you have absolutely no reason to worry.


Best Diving Spots in the Caribbean

  • Aruba: The 20-mile long island is a fantastic destination for water sport lovers and sun worshippers, with PADI Dive Center, snorkeling and more. Discover Aruba.

  • Barbados: Dare to dive in one of the top diving destinations in the world? Discover the unspoiled underwater wonderland of Barbados. Discover Barbados.

  • Curaçao: Peaceful and beautiful, this Caribbean haven offers on-site water sports, PADI diving center and incredible diving spots. Discover Curaçao.


Dive Straight in, the Water's Lovely!

Whether you want to wet your feet first with some snorkeling, or go straight for the gold and become a scuba diving instructor, one thing is for sure: you’ll have the time of your life. 

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