Double 50th Anniversary Celebrations

At Hilton Barbados, there are always countless things to see and do. This week, we celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Independence for our country as well as the 50th Anniversary of Hilton Barbados Resort! Join us for a plethora of activities in celebration of this double anniversary!

Sunset Party

Fifty/50 Party & Fireworks

An event you’re sure to love. Our staff have planned an exciting evening of traditional music, cuisine, entertainment and reminiscing on the beach. This celebration takes place on 29th November at 7pm. Tickets are only $100 per person. We’d love for you to join us in recognizing our many General Managers and Prime Ministers over the past 50 years in the Barbados Walk of Fame. You can also enjoy the stories told by our photo collage, specially created for you, which celebrates our guests and fantastic team members who have been loyal from the very beginning of Hilton Caribbean.

Our experienced chefs will prepare 50 delicious dishes to give our guests a taste of local favorites mixed with international classics. Guests will enjoy our entertainment program, which includes live performances by recognized Barbadian artistes like The Mighty Gabby, Wendy Alleyne, Richard Stoute, Grynner, Red Plastic Bag (RPB), Peter Ram and Lil Rick.

At midnight, a stunning fireworks display will bring an end to the party and commemorate the 50th Anniversary of Independence beautifully. This is guaranteed to be an amazing night and we hope you can join us to celebrate! 

Prime Minister’s Dinner & Ball at Ilaro Court

Our Prime Minister of Barbados, The Right Honourable Freundel Stuart Q.C, M.P, hosts this black tie event at his residence in llaro Court on 25th November at 7pm, and he wants you to join him! Guests should come prepared for an elegant night of the finest dining and entertainment the island has to offer.  You will be treated to the incredible culinary skills of the world-famous Barbados Culinary Team and that’s not all, the islands top designers will be here showcasing their latest designs to you.This is a night you would regret missing so buy your tickets fast and come along! 

50th Anniversary of Independence NIFCA Gala

Clear your diary for the 20th November for this event starting at 6pm, a Barbadian favorite and hopefully one of yours too. The NIFCA Gala showcases the very best of Barbadian talent in areas such as dance, art, film, music, culinary art, photography and many more. This year’s gala will take the form of a multi-media event, with children performing classic and contemporary literary, musical and dance pieces for your entertainment. Grab your friends and head to the 3ws Amphitheatre, Kensington Oval for a great night. 

Golden Anniversary Spectacular Mega Concert

The fantastic concert finale takes place on the 30th November at 8pm and highlights the variety of talent in Barbados. The event is packed full of culture and entertainment with music, dance and art performances. Did we mention the world-famous singer Rihanna is performing? Don’t miss out - it’ll be the celebration of the year.

Steel drums