Best Caribbean Beaches

Best Caribbean Beaches

We all know the beaches of the Caribbean are, without a doubt, among the best in the world. The translucent turquoise waters, soul-warming sun and sky-scraping palm trees make for a vacation in paradise. Selecting the best is an almost impossible task, but since we know the islands like the back of our hand, we’ve managed to pick out our favorites. Feast your eyes on our top 5 beaches in the Caribbean and, believe us, they really do exceed expectations!

Pink Sands, The Bahamas

Harbour Island in The Bahamas is renowned for its uniquely pink sand beaches, which are found all along the east side of the island. Pinks Sands is an undeniably breathtaking beach, with over 5km of powdery sand. The pristine quality of the water and outlying reefs make for super safe swimming and snorkeling. If you want to leave behind the big town Caribbean and escape to a tiny island of paradise, then look no further than Harbour Island.

Did you know? The pink hue comes from foraminifera, a microscopic organism that actually has a reddish-pink shell.

Pink sands

Crane Beach, Barbados

Crane Beach, originally a harbour, is considered by many to be one of the island's most beautiful beaches.If you're a lover of water sports then you're in luck – the powerful waves in this area make for some of the best paddle boarding and surfing in the Caribbean! 

Did you know? The name "Crane" derives from the large crane situated at the top of the cliff, which was used for loading and unloading ships.

Crane beach

Dickenson Bay, Antigua

Out of Antigua’s 365 beaches (one for every day of the year), Dickenson Bay on the northwestern coast gets the top spot. The bay is remarkably easy to get to, and has plenty of trendy beachfront bars and restaurants to keep you entertained. The gentle waves along the long, white shore are the perfect spot for water activities, including glass-bottom boat trips. If you’re looking for a picture-perfect beach within easy reach then definitely check this out.

Did you know? If you venture one mile off the coast, you’ll find several small uninhabited islands and a beautiful coral reef. 


Sun Bay, Vieques, Puerto Rico

If you find yourself in Vieques, the first thing you should do is visit Sun Bay – a 2-mile crescent of blonde sand, towering palm trees and sparkling water. The bay was the setting for the final scene in the classic 1960 film Lord of the Flies. So if you’re looking for a desert-like scene, look no further. Sun Bay is the only beach on Vieques with facilities – there’s a designated swimming area with lifeguards, working showers and toilets, and even a cafeteria for food and drinks.

Did you know? The wild horses that visit Sun Bay (usually during the afternoon) are so friendly they even pose for pictures.

Sun Bay

Eagle Beach, Aruba

On Aruba’s northwest corner lies Eagle Beach, renowned for its pristine white sands and perfect surfing conditions. At 2km long, the beach is lined with divi-divi trees and thatched palapa umbrellas. The waters are so clear you can see the tropical fish swimming around your ankles. Relax under a palapa, go scuba diving around the coral reefs, or tuck into ocean-fresh seafood on the promenade.

Did you know? Eagle Beach is remarkably quieter than its neighbour, Palm Beach, so if you’re looking for some peace and quiet, you’re in luck.

Eagle Beach

You know our favorites, now we want to know yours! Book your Caribbean escape and discover your favorite beaches and islands. Wherever you choose to explore, we'll be with you every step of the way.

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